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Burgundy truffle (T. Uncinatum) and (T.Aestivum) appear to be two truffle varieties of one species ( as per a  molecular analysis). However in Italy and France, especially in cuisine and commerce, these two truffles are distinguished from one another.
It is possible that the difference is due to environmental reasons.

What are the characteristics of those truffle varieties?

Burgundy truffles
Greatly esteemed for their excellent gastronomic qualities, Burgundy truffles (Italian: tartufo nero di Fragno, Spanish: trufa de verano; French: truffe de Bourgogne; Swedish: svart sommartryffel) charm with their powerful hazelnut–like aroma. Italian and French chefs use them mostly in the Grande cuisine and sometimes to substitute the Perigord black truffle (T. Melanosporum) .
 Burgundy truffles are usually bottled or canned to be exported.
Appearance: These truffles are comparatively large with their bodies (ascocarps) from 2 cm (1 in)  to 10 cm (4 in) in diameter. Their outer skin (peridium) is  either brownish  or black. Their pyramidal warty surface looks like rough bark and the warts are around 3-9 mm wide.
The right time to harvest the Burgundy Truffles starts in September ad finishes in late December, sometimes even later into January.
This is a species of truffle which is found all over Europe- from Eastern Europe to Spain, from Sweden to North Africa. Their favorite location is in the north Italy and north-east France. Up to 20th century these truffles were easy to find in the UK but now they are occasionally found. There are plenty unconfirmed reports of their findings in China as of 2007 so their distribution area is not definitely determined yet.

Summer truffles
The summer truffles(Italian: tartufo estivo) resemble the aroma, size and color of Burgundy truffles  , however their flavor is less intense and the color of their internal pulp(gleba) is paler.
The right time to harvest the summer truffles is the period between May and August- earlier than   Burgundy truffles.
This variety of species prefers the Mediterranean climate areas of Spain ,France and Italy, i.e the southern part of the distribution area.


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