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Tuber brumale

A member of the family Tuberaceae in the class of ascomycetes is he Brumale Tuber, shortly  brumale- a species of edible truffle. This hypogeous mushroom also  lives in symbiosis with a tree (oak, linden, hazel, pine ...). It is therefore mycorrhizal, which means that it needs a host tree. It is also saprophyte, because in order to survive it needs organic matter of decaying plants.

Outer appearance
One can easily confuse the Brumale with Melanosporum as they are quite similar. The Brumale is the only truffle classified among the noble black truffles so close to the Tuber melanosporum.

The skin of the  brumale has  small flat and thick warts, its peridium is dark brown to blackish. Initially blackish, it becomes reddish in the process of ripening. When mature, it becomes very sensitive  to touch  as if fragile. Then it can be easily parted –this feature can help to differentiate the Brumale from Melanosporum, which does not detach so easily.

The size of this truffle varies from 2 to 9 cm , i.e from the size of a walnut and rarely that of a tangerine, but at average it does not exceed that of an egg. Its shape is rounded and bumpy.

Inner appearance and aroma
 Its  flesh is pale, from a black to blackish gray . It contains thick, spaced white and grey veins.
Its aroma is not quite intense but extremely pleasant and lingering. One could taste some bitterness with a hint of undergrowth.

The  Brumale shares the same areas of distribution  as Melanosporum, living  in symbiosis with the same oaks . The similarity continues in the time of their harvesting.   
Its power of reproduction is superior to Melanosporum and it  colonizes its production areas. Its mature period  in the south of France is  from December to March.

A standard for fresh truffles (Tuber melanosporum and Tuber brumale) was drawn up in 2006 resulting from an interprofessional agreement and aimed at improvement  and higher quality of  the offer. The truffles offered for sale must be whole, without breaking. They must have the specific aroma  and color of their species. They must be clean and brushed, free from destructive insects and decay. The final requirement concerns its weight- it must be more than 5 grams.

Whatever the species, a truffle must suit the one of the following three categories to meet the standard:
•    Extra Class-the class of top quality truffles, larger than or equal to 20 grams;
•     Category I-the class of good quality truffles ,  larger than or equal to 10 grams;with minor defects;
•    Category II includes all other truffles, bigger than or equal to 5 grams.

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